enzymmanagement ag was established at Tägerwilen, Switzerland, in spring 2007. The company ist originated directly from the "Institute for Clinical Research", which was founded in the year 1978 in Hamburg, Germany.
Die enzymmanagement ag wurde im Frühjahr 2007 in Tägerwilen, Schweiz, gegründet. Das Unternehmen ist ein Spin - off des "Institut für klinische Forschung", das im Jahre 1978 in Hamburg, Deutschland, gegründet wurde.

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enzymmanagement ag, BASED IN SWITZERLAND

The focus of the enzymmanagement ag is the invention, development and production of bioactive cosmeceutic and topical treatments targeting benign tumors of the fatty tissue up to and including rare diseases - e.g. Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis (Morbus Madelung; ODD EMA adopted) and Estradiol depending breast cancer.
The enzymmanagement ag is focused on its area of expertise and is looking for international cooperation, marketing and / or distribution partners.
The enzymmanagement ag 
has access to a large portfolio of issued patents.  
All developments of the enzymmanagement ag are based on the intracrinological (endocrinological), biochemical and metabolic potential within the female breast, the skin and its appendices itself; especially the extragonadal sexual hormone production, action and metabolism in the target tissues takes place in human beings only:
only the human adrenal cortex is able to produce so much DHEA that any cell within the target tissues is “flooded” and able to produce Estradiol and DHT by itself. This local production in the human target tissues is autonomous i.e. not controlled by other endocrine glands.
Intracrinology Definition:
  • Hormone "Actions" within a singular cell.
  • Mediation of the "Bio-Conversion“ (from DHEA to Testosterone; then either to DHT or ESTRADIOL) inside the cells of the target tissues e.g. of the skin and the skin appendages.
  • Control of the intracellular level of sexual hormones according to local needs.